Andy Chung
Android Developer. Web Developer. Builder. Lifelong Learner. Makes things work. Ambitious. Continuously Improving. Explorer. Adventurer. On the Cutting Edge. Pushing the Boundaries. Efficient. On Point. Implementer. The "Go To" Guy. Dedicated. Determined. Dependable. Dreamer.
about me


I am a software engineer that has a passion for technology; a desire to make an impact; commitment to challenging and rewarding work; dedication to growing skills with an industry leader; the ability to collaborate across teams to solve hard problems, and interest in working side-by-side with an amazing breadth of the best and brightest in the industry.


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Programming Experience
  • keyboard_arrow_downAndroid Developer

    Ive built several award winning apps at various hackathons. Check them out below.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWeb Developer

    I've built several responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Autism Assistmore_vert

A Google Glass Augmented Reality app that helps people with autism.

Autism Assistclose

Developed an augmented reality Google Glass app that helps people on the autistic spectrum perceive facial expression and emotions. Using the Affectiva Android SDK I was able to detect faces and project quantified values of attention and engagement on to the user's screen. I also implemented data visualization that displayed real time information of the data gathered from the Google Glass app on a webapp using a Firebase backend.

Duly Notedmore_vert

Webapp that takes notes so you don't have to.

Duly Notedclose

Developed a webapp using Javascript and the HTML5 Speech Recognition API that take notes for you using voice recognition. The app will transcribe, indent paragraphs, create lists, and highlight key words (such as "exam" and "due"), and allow you to export them in pdf or txt format.


Split checks with ease by taking a picture of the receipt.


Developed an Android app that allows you to easily split a check among multiple party members. Uses the camera and optical character recognition to scan the check and Parse and the Nessie api to split the check among members of the party.


Listen to music synchronously with your friends.


Developed an android app that uses the Soundcloud api and a Node.js backend to play music synchronously over multiple devices.


Capital One Data Science Challenge.


Implemented a website in Javascript that fetches data from Instagram posts and performs sentiment analysis to determine whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. The data was then visualized using graphs generate with D3.js.